The Healing Journey – The Path To Fulfillment

The process of healing a personal ailment, which could be a phobic reaction or a behavior like smoking, over eating or drug abuse. You may have an emotional problem like depression, anxiety, fear or anger. You may have a health problem like stress, back pain, stomach ulcer, migraine, skin disease or relationship and financial problems. Healing an ailment is in fact an act of empowerment. It is a personal journey, one of the greatest learning you may ever encounter.

Your healing journey will include a consideration of many tools like hypnotherapy, energy healing, body movement, breath work, meditation, correct diet, pure water or positive affirmations. From a deeper perspective an ailment is caused by an unfulfilled longing. The ailment is a message to you that somehow somewhere you have forgotten who you are and disconnected from your purpose and your pure inner essence. Your ailment is the symptom, it is a message to you to go within and to find yourself again. So you can use your ailment to set yourself free to do what you have always wanted to do, be who you have always wanted to be, to express your deepest longing and to manifest this in the world.

Once you take the step to go within and to face your ailment this means that you will finally stop running. If you sit quietly and ask yourself “what is it that I have longed for and not yet succeeded in creating in my life?” This could be anything from a feeling of being free, happy, joyful or peaceful or perhaps having loving relationships, good health or financial stability. I suggest that through your healing journey, using the process of hypnotherapy and other tools you will find a direct link between your deepest longing and your ailment. No matter what the ailment, it is a teacher of love and a teacher that reminds you that you are love.

Your healing journey is the process of your true essence continuing to shine through every cell of your body so that you become healthier and happier.

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