Learn How To Unleash the Power Of Subconscious Mind

Our brain is split into two parts: the conscious and the power of subconscious mind. It is well known to scientists that we individuals only use about 10% of our total brain power and that’s mostly the conscious part. The subconscious part however is much bigger and much more powerful. This section of the mind has about 90% of our total brain capacity which is unused. Now can you imagine how your lifestyle would change if we could harness the unused portion power of subconscious mind and use it to its fullest potential. Yes, it is true; we all have the magical power to improve our everyday life.

Precisely what does our subconscious mind do?

The power of mind is there to protect us, and keep us alive. Everything we experience in our daily life comes from our five senses of sight, smell taste, feel, and hearing and then sent to our subconscious mind for processing and storage for future use.

Our subconscious mind creates and retains a mention of all those events that it has stored. Let’s say for example, you had a negative experience in your daily life, your conscious mind will send input of that particular event to your subconscious mind for processing and storage. If sometime in the future you happen to face the similar situation, it will automatically remember the negative experience and will send you sensations, emotions, and images of that event. It remembers that experience and the way you responded to that event.

Good example of that is a hot kettle. The subconscious remembers that kettle was hot and may hurt; so it tells us to be careful the kettle may be hot.

Another excellent illustration of the strength of subconscious is driving your car. When you drive your car we automatically do it without even thinking how we do it, we just drive.

Our subconscious mind is always multitasking. Most of us don’t realize that it is controls every minute facet of our body functions from our breathing heartbeat blood-pressure etc. all in perfect harmony and does it 24 / 7 without taking rest.

We all have the capacity to program our subconscious mind to further improve any part of our daily life. An excellent tool to program our mind for success is visualization. It enables you to consciously attract what you are looking to achieve. All you need to do is visualize images of the desired results every day. Including positive feeling and emotions and thinking only good and positive thoughts.

Remember you have the power to choose your thinking. Whatever you decide to think, your conscious mind will send it to the subconscious and it will accept it as being true. So never think or say, “I will fail,” “I can’t do this,” and “I can’t afford it.” Your mind will accept these statements as true.

So be sure to always train your conscious mind to think about success, happiness, joy, prosperity, health, and love.

Use the power of subconscious mind to bring into your daily life success, money, maybe a better position, new house, car or anything else you desire.

It is important you repeat your affirmations several times daily. Visualize the joy of achievement and success as you repeat them to yourself.


“I choose that every day and in every way prosperity and abundance comes into my life easily and frequently”

If you have a deep desire to succeed and visualize it to be true you will unleash the power of subconscious mind and it will happen.

My best wishes to your personal success.

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